How To LOOK AFTER Bleached Hair

Just like the skin we have, winter took its toll on our locks; think fly-aways, dried up scalps and a severe lack of moisture. Basically, when you don't braid hair prior to going to sleep, you end up with tangles each day, and if you're not mild in taking away them, tangles lead to breakage, and damage leads to anger and anger contributes to hatred - sorry that received weirdly Yoda-y weirdly fast. Tangles are bad, and massaging wild hair on things (like your pillowcase/mattress sheets) causes tangling and friction, which, as we discussed before, is also bad. Keeping scalp braided retains it safely taken care of while you make weird noises, drool, and nudge your partner (if you have one) gradually off the border of the bed in your rest.
There are issues with a few of the advice that's typically given out online. Some natural wild hair advisors or product manufacturers will tell you that you need to find the perfect products (sometimes called holy grail products) or simply master a specific technique, like protecting styling or the baggy method , to have a successful natural mane to take care of a tattoo
Both concur that weaves can be good for your hair as long as the proper care and attention steps are considered so you go to an experienced stylist. In fact, a sewn weave protects your natural locks since you will not be straightening or exposing your natural head of hair to any outside elements. Glued-in weaves, however, tend to rip out your natural scalp at removal and really should be avoided.
If possible, it's best to allow your wild hair to air dried up. Obviously there are situations where if you showered each day and you're operating late to work that you will want to blow dry out it. If that's so, be sure to put your adjustments on cool so you are not blasting your poor strands of hair with heat. That may further the process of drying hair and undo every one of the effort you performed to take care of it.
Rendering it only natural for a few to attain out and have me about my locks regimen, specifically as it pertains to doing my daughters' scalp. In the past week, three women-two mothers and a great lady assisting out the solitary dad of your African American woman with natural hair-asked me for advice how to wash, condition and style their kids' curly manes. So I figured if indeed they had questions, maybe a few MyBrownBaby's visitors involve some, too. Today, I'm writing here what I delivered to all the mothers. My technique might not exactly be perfect, but it's perfectly for me and my ladies. If nothing else, hopefully from the great starting point for you and your babies!